Hi I'm cubic its 2019 and I'm playing Minecraft when I made my new world in one of the nights i saw a entity yeti it said <anexploxemer> your village I'll destroy it <me> oh no <anexploxrmer> yesss <me> nooo! He disappeared in front of me and he started saying ÷^÷™÷^®÷©√€`÷^®π¥€ it was after he said this þðßãløñðê then this 6%&%7&7%

I got terfied then I saw 1241 (entity 1241) i got more more terrified that I tried to kill them with my stone or iron sword but when I punched them my chest was bleeding so many blood in real life i punched them 1 time then I got in the nether i was then in the nothing and I riding die then I got inside the void and that's how I end the story joking i saw two of them combining them i tried to punch them combined but that's how my heart was a bit bleeding then the bleed stoped in the chest

In the heart and after this i saw anexploxemer and Ihe said this I did destroy the world (I didint destroy the village) but I will destroy u then I saw the dog tamer dog he said baugcgugffufutydfiyutdddttydrk (ba iwilldestroyyou rk) i said oh no then I got in the village again in the past without my house

Then.... The Minecraft universe died

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